Kawan Kerja

To make life easier for the world.


Improving digital products to make life easier.


Take part in the development of world technology.


Working with the moral foundation of religion and building a moral Society

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A startup company

Khairunnas Anfaukum Linnas is a simple sentence representing noble behavior for a person or group of people.

Making it easy for others in various affairs is our foundation to continue to develop into pioneers in muamalah. The success for us is that people can use the products we create to keep up with the times by integrating technology and usability.

We are a company with a short history of creating product innovations that can benefit directly or indirectly.

We focus development

Pembimbing ID

Pembimbing.ID merupakan sebuah platform digital yang menyediakan jasa bimbingan mahasiswa di seluruh indonesia untuk bimbingan lintas prodi maupun universitas dengan pembimbing yang kompeten dari pembimbing.id secara online.

Here are our core

Taufik Rahmat Kurniawan


Teguh Ikhlas Ramadhan


I Gede Manggala Putra